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September 06, 2021 / by Dr. Han

How to Help Covid19 Patients with Chinese Herbs

I have seen quite a few Covid-19 patients through Zoom or Facetime since March. I prescribed herbs for them. None of my patients need to go to hospital. Viral tests turn negative after taking herbs for one to two weeks. Symptoms completely go away in a couple of weeks.

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August 07, 2021 / by Dr. Han

Some suggestions for patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Females with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) typically have irregular or missed periods as a result of not ovulating. Although some women may develop cysts on their ovaries, many women do not. They may also have weight gain, low energy, unwanted hair growth, thinning hair on the head, acne, infertility, etc. What I treat most is the infertility associated with PCOS. According to my experience from working with them, I have some suggestions to PCOS patients.

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June 02, 2021 / by Dr. Han

It is Time to Get Rid of Allergies

In my practice, I meet so many patients with allergy problems. They feel discomfort all year long and much worse when the weather change or when they are under stress or fatigued. Their symptoms include sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, chest tightness, difficult breathing or even wheezing. They have been using Antihistamines, Corticosteroid, Epinephrine shots, Antibiotics etc to control symptoms. But they never really get rid of allergy completely. Apart from that, they experience drowsiness, fatigue, over-reliance on medicine from the side effects of drugs.

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