Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. Based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, critical and logical thinking is required for doctors to give correct the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate herbs. We have more than one hundred Chinese patent medicine (standard herbal pill formulas) for different conditions. We also have more than two hundred single herbal powders. By mixing different herbs, we make personalized tea formulas more specific for patients’ individual situation and symptoms.

Herbs for COVID-19

How to help COVID19 patients with Chinese Herbs

Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Do you know some herbs could lower the blood pressure?

Herbs to Lower Blood Sugar

Do you know some herbs could lower the blood sugar?

Herbs for Female Infertility

Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan literally means “five seeds passing on the generations” is an ancient Chinese herbal medicine to help emperors to give rise to more offspring.

Herbs for Allergy

Do you know some herbs could relief allergy?

Herbs for ADHD

Do you know some herbs could treat treats pediatric attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Herbs for Digestion

Clears heat and abducts food stagnation, harmonizes the stomach.

Gui Pi Tang for Irregular Menstruation

Gui Pi Tang is an important herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the blood and replenishing Qi due to weak Heart and Spleen functions.