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October 03, 2018 / by Dr. Han

Amazing Formula Gui Pi Tang (Restore Spleen Decoction)

Gui Pi tang is a traditional formula in Chinese medicine has the funtion to tonifies Blood and energy. It Nourishes the Heart and strengthens the digestive system. Indications of Gui Pi Tang inludes: Fatigue, poor memory, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, phobias, poor sleep or dream disturbed sleep, poor appetite, sallow complexion, withdrawal, low-grade fever, and night sweating. Early periods with loss of excess pale blood, continuous spotting, blood in the stool, leukorrhea, metrostaxis, and metrorrhagia. I prescribe Gui Pi Tang to my patients frequently. I want to share some successful cases. Case 1

Female 48 years old

Chief complain: heavy and prolonged periods. A fibroid in the uterus.

She had irregular menstruation in the last 6 months with Heavy and prolonged bleeding. This time she already had her periods for 10 days. Some clots at the beginning but now it was pale red in color and very heavy. Ultrasound showed a uterus fibroid. Blood test showed anemia. Fatigue, low energy, abdominal bloating all the time. Pale complexion. Very pale purple tongue, thin white coating. deep weak pulse.

Diagnosis: Qi and Blood deficiency with blood stagnation.

Formula: Gui Pi Tang

After taking Gui Pi Tang for one week, the bleeding stopped. Patient felt more energy.

Continue taking Gui Pi Tang and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan for six months. Fibroid was gone and no anemia anymore.

Comments: The patient had Qi and Blood deficiency with the inability of spleen to control blood. Gui Pi Tang has the function to augment Qi, tonify Blood and strengthen spleen. The bleeding could also relate to the fibroid. And the patient’s tongue was purple. That means there is blood stasis. So Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan was added. These two formulas use together, one tonifies Qi and Blood, the other removes blood stasis. The combination of them tonifies without causing stagnation, attacks stagnation without damaging the vital Qi.

Case 2

Female 28 years old

Chief complain: Depression and insomnia for 2 months

The patient felt very depressed recently. Want to cry all the time. Insomnia with difficulty in falling off sleep and dream disturbed sleep. Anxiety, palpitations with occasional panic attack. Poor appetite, very low energy. Pale complexion. Pale tongue, thin white coating, and deep weak pulse.

Diagnosis: Heart Blood and Spleen Qi deficiency

Formula: Gui Pi Tang

After taking this formula for one week, the patient’s energy was getting better. But still depressed and sad. Continue Gui Pi Tang plus Gan Mai Da Zao Tang with Gan cao, Fu xiao mai, Da zao, He huan pi, Suan zao ren, Fu shen mu. After one week, the patient felt big difference. No depression and anxiety any more and sleep very well at night. Keep taking these two formulas for 1 month.

Comments: This patient had severe heart blood deficiency causing restless Heart spirit. Although Gui Pi Tang is used in treating deficiency of both Heart and Spleen, it focuses primarily on the spleen. Only this one is not strong enough to relieve mental symptoms of depression and anxiety. So add Gan Mai Da Zao Tang to reinforce the action of nourishing heart and calming the spirit. This combination dramatically helps symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, phobia, depression, sadness, etc. due to heart blood deficiency.

Case 3

Female 56 years old

Chief complain: Menopause with Palpitations and hot flushes

The patient had menopause in these two years. And symptoms are getting worse recently. Palpitations with anxiety, hot flushes especially at night, restless sleep, low energy, abdominal bloating after eating. Soreness and weakness of lower back and knees. Pale tongue, little coating. Thin weak and rapid pulse.

Diagnosis: Heart Blood and Spleen Qi deficiency. Kidney Yin deficiency

Formula: Gui Pi Tang and Er Zhi Wan

Comments: This patient’s menopause is due to both Yin and Blood are deficient. Heart blood deficiency causes insomnia and palpitations. Kidney Yin deficiency is the reason for low back ache and hot flushes. To treat this kind of patients, we need to tonify both Yin and Blood. Er Zhi Wan is an elegant combination of two herbs, Nv zhen zi and Han lian cao. Together they benefit essence, cool blood, nourish the yin aspects of Liver and Kidney without cloying. According to Chinese Medicine, Yin and Blood have the same origin. They generate each other. Clinically Yin and Blood deficiency often exist at the same time. Taking care of both of these two aspects often improves the curative effects significantly.