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February 05, 2013 / by Dr. Han

Superfood for nourishing blood — Black Chicken

Black chickens have been used in Chinese medicine for well over 1,000 years. It is considered a “superfood” to tonify Qi and blood, strengthen Liver and Kidney, nourish yin and clear empty heat, Tonfiy stomach and warm the internal organs. It has good effects for anemia due to loss of blood or menopause, scanty periods or painful periods due to blood deficiency and cold, diarrhea due to weakness of spleen and stomach, chronic joint and muscle pain due to osteoporosis. It is one of the most important anti- aging foods and diet therapy for postpartum women and women who are prepared for preganancy.

The theory of “superfood” status for the black chicken is related to the bird’s high levels of anti-oxidants based on modern research. The specific antioxidant present in black chickens is carnosine.Carnosine is a substance found in high concentrations in the human brain and muscle tissues. This substance holds many antioxidant properties which are currently being studied for their positive effects in the fields of auditory, speech skills, motor development, and opthamology. The levels of carnosine in a black chicken are two times higher than those in traditional chickens.

The chicken is born with black bones, meat and skin.The taste of the black chicken is thought by some to be sweeter than that of traditional chicken, while others claim they taste no difference at all. The black chicken is most commonly served as a part of a stew or soup. It can be cooked with other Chinese medicinal herbs such as wolfberries and ginseng to improve curative effects.

Black Chicken