Helpful Yoga Poses to Help Infertility

Infertility of unknown cause is the diagnosis when a couple after a year of sexual intercourse without protection still cannot conceive and when tests for infertility show no cause factors for it.

This kind of infertility is quite frustrating and couples who are afflicted with this condition usually opt to undergo various kinds of painful and invasive procedures.  However, a lot of these couples may just have normal fertility but conception can take a lot longer than expected.  This factor is termed sub-fertility and therapies to address this factor all aim for a shorter conception period.  There is nothing that hinders couple from trying out injectable drugs, intrauterine insemination or fertility drugs but their various kinds of side effects that can be damaging to health.

Stress plays a major part in people’s failure to conceive.  Stress affects influences endocrine and hormonal functions.  Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, tightens the inner muscles (around the uterus and pelvis) and induces the fight and flight response.

A majority of couples (80%) with infertility of unknown cause eventually have successful conception.

In addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Yoga can help people who have unexplained infertility.  Listed below are some poses that might help address their condition and eventually help achieve pregnancy.

  1. Butterfly Pose – For this pose you need to sit on a blanket and keep the soles of your feet and heels together.  Next move your feet in toward your body close but in a comfortable manner. Allow your hands to be on the top of your feet.  Shut the eyes and concentrate on your organs surrounding the pelvis.  Feel your blood circulating around this area as you slowly relax your inner pelvis muscles.
  2. Squat Pose – Stand but with the feet apart in a comfortable manner.  Rest your hands on your thigh and bend the knees while lowering your buttocks downward to the floor.  Grasp your fingers and palms together in front of the heart.  Rest the elbows on your knees while applying your elbows to help spread your knees.
  3. Pigeon pose – With your forearms try kneeling down.  Put your right knee forward between the hands while slipping your right heel forward to the left hip.  Stretch the left leg back behind you, with the knee facing and the top of your foot facing the floor.  Perform this pose again on your other side.
  4. Simple twist – With legs crossed and you sitting in a blanket put your right hand behind you with the lowest part of your palm on your buttocks.   Press into your palm and try to lengthen or stretch your spine.  Try reaching your left hand across your body and let it rest on your right knee.  Deeply inhale and as you slowly exhale start twisting the trunk of your body towards the right starting with the waist.  Twist through your chin, neck, shoulder and chest as well.  Inhale deeply and twist again this time with more energy.