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Chinese Herbal Medicine in Miami FL

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a popular form of natural treatment that has been part of the ancient old culture that pioneered herbal medicine in China. For thousands of years the Chinese have used herbs to restore balance and energy to the mind, body and spirit. Up until the last century, herbs were the main form of medicine world wide.

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs today are made by isolating and incorporating the effective ingredient of the plant in the medication. The positive side of this is that prescription drugs can treat a number of conditions quicker than herbal medicine. But the down side is that the concentration of the ingredients in the synthetic medications are so powerful, that the side effects are many times worse than it’s benefits. For years this has resulted in thousands of deaths annually as a result of prescription medications.

In contrast, Chinese herbs are normally prescribed and administered in combination. This allows for the different ingredients in herbal formulas to balance each other, resulting in a synergy that not only increases the effectiveness, but also enhances safety. In addition, herbal medicine attempts to correct the internal imbalances instead of just treating the symptoms alone. This in turn stimulates the body’s own self-healing properties.

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