Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder at Different Stages

Frozen shoulder is characterized by pain and loss of motion or stiffness in the shoulder. It most commonly affects patients between the ages of 40 and 60 years. The process of this disease is usually from 8 month to 2 years.

Acute inflammation stage: swollen and pain at outer shoulder area. Local skin is red and warm to touch. There is severe inflammation at this time. The treatment principle of Chinese Medicine is to reduce inflammation and stop pain. We needle the local and distal points, do very gentle Tui na around the painful area to relieve pain. But it is not wise to use strong Tui na technique at the local area which will make the swollen worse. Herbs for external use are the best way to reduce swollen and relieve pain.

Freezing stage: there is no swollen and burning sensation on the shoulder any more but severe pain which is worse with attempted motion and at night could radiate to the upper arm. Stiff shoulder will occur unless proper treatment is applied. There is chronic inflammation and mild adhesion of the tissues now. The treatment principle is to warm the meridians, improve circulation and relieve pain. Apart from acupuncture, we do moxibustion and cupping at the local area. Tui Na techniques will be used to separate the adhesion and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Adhesion stage: Restricted motion or stiffness in the shoulder is the most important symptom now. It is very hard for patients to lift the arm. Sometimes they are even not able to open the door or brush their hair. Strong Tui na techniques will be applied to break up the adhesions and scar tissue in the joint to help restore the range of motion. Acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion are the auxiliary techniques to relieve pain and improve the curative effects.

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