AcupunctureAcupuncture is endorsed by a great number of people in Miami who have been treated with this ancient old medicine for many different symptoms and conditions.

If you consider a system of treatment that has been around and available for a very long period of time – and one that has been truly effective in treating chronic back pain, rhinitis, weight loss, insomnia and many other ailments, then acupuncture may well be the most effective natural therapy you’ll ever try.

A lot of patients in South Florida recommend acupuncture as a potent treatment for a wide range of diseases, ailments and conditions. Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment that has been proven to relieve or even cure dozens of medical health issues including inflammatory conditions, addiction problems, smoking addiction, nausea and even depression and anxiety, to name just a few. In fact, the number and kinds of conditions acupuncture can treat including back pain, is long and noteworthy.

Acupuncture has many different forms. An acupuncture treatment for one patient in Miami may be distinctly dissimilar to another acupuncture patient elsewhere. One acupuncturist may perform a procedure that is different from another practitioner.

The practice of acupuncture entails the use of very thin hair-like needles inserted into specific points in the body. The needles generate gentle sensations in the treated areas. There are acupuncture treatments that use electricity.

The points wherein the needles are inserted are called acupuncture points and are usually remote from the actual location of the symptoms. One example would be a person suffering from back pain may have the needles inserted at the top of the head or even feet, far from the actual location of the pain.

In case you might be interested to know, the needle insertion process is quite painless. If you cannot tolerate needles, then there is a type of acupuncture that does not involve any needle insertion at all. Needle-less acupuncture is quite potent and may at times give faster results as a wider area of the body can be treated.

The strategic areas where acupuncture points lie contain energy pathways below the surface of the skin. These pathways are known as meridians. The meridians are associated to what traditional Chinese medicine regards as organ systems that help assist in the correct placement of the needles.

Acupuncture is more than 3,000 years old and it is a time-tested form of treatment that is totally safe for pain management with no side effects. If you are under a conventional medical regimen for the treatment of an ailment, it is very likely that acupuncture can augment your current regimen. A lot of people have been freed of pain with the help of acupuncture, particularly those patients who suffer from acute and chronic back pain.

If you’ve been told you need surgery to relieve your back pain, do yourself a favor and consider trying acupuncture first. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover an effective alternative without the risk of going under the knife.

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